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Beauty for All

When I say beauty for all, I mean it. In today’s world, “all” comprises justice for the environment, for people, and the product developed as well. Technology has not only made our lives simpler and faster but has also brought all these aspects together. One of the best examples of such technology is Perso by Loreal. L’Oréal will launch its artificial intelligence (AI) at-home skincare device Perso globally next year, and the beauty major says it plans to make the product accessible to all. It will potentially cross multiple brands. Whenever I hear tech+ beauty, I always get mesmerized by the creative brains and ideas. Perso links to a mobile app and analyzes users’ skin conditions using a picture, considering humidity, temperature, air quality, and UV-Index just with a click on your phone. It provides a personalized skincare formula, which is a requirement in today’s world. 

This is just one example of 1000s globally, which brings beauty to all and suffices all requests. Along with Loreal, Shiseido also does an amazing job with tech+ beauty. 




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