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New Jeans Makeup

October 26th, 2022

New Jeans Makeup

Whenever a new season comes along, I always start looking for new fashion styles, skincare products, and makeup routines. In regards to makeup this fall season, I wanted to go for something a little softer and natural but that still nicely defined my features. Recently, I came across a YouTube video in which makeup artist Lee Nakyeum presents the 3-D makeup style and the makeup routine she did on the members of the K-pop idol group New Jeans. I really liked Lee’s philosophy on enhancing one’s natural beauty with makeup, so I’ll be sharing some of Lee’s tips that I’ve decided to incorporate into my current makeup routine.


Tip #1: Creating a 3-D face

Rather than using contour, Lee uses two foundation shades to create a 3-D effect on the face. She does this simply by applying a darker foundation on the outer area of the face. You can also use what is left of the darker shade on the brush to contour your nose. She then goes in with a lighter foundation and fills in the middle of the face. This technique naturally highlights the center of the face making it appear more three-dimensional. I like this technique in particular because I always have two foundation shades on my vanity. One for my regular skin tone and one for when I catch a tan in the summer. However, after the video, I realized that I can use both without having to let one sit collecting dust on the vanity until the season changes. 


Tip #2: Using Color Correcting Powder

In the video, she uses a translucent lavender setting powder to neutralize the yellow undertones in the model’s skin. Color-correcting powders are utilized to revitalize dull complexions as well as even out skin tones. There is a variety of color-correcting setting powders in the market for all skin types and skin needs. My favorite powder is the Ultra HD Micro Setting Loose Powder in pale lavender from Makeup Forever. I have yellow undertones so I find that using the Lavender setting powder helps neutralize my complexion. 


Tip #3: Blush Placement

Lee says that blush is an important point for creating a three-dimensional effect on the face. In the video, she places it closely next to the nose and underneath the eyes. She emphasizes how it is important to keep the blush near the front of the eyes rather than taking it outwards onto the shaded parts of the face. This is as if blended towards the edges of the face the cheekbones could appear unnaturally wider. Lee says that in the case that there are dark circles present one can connect the blush with the dark circles to naturally create a more lively effect on the face. I personally prefer and recommend cream blushes as they are more moisturizing, easy to apply, and leave a pretty glow on the face. 





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