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Get a Glimpse Inside the Industry: Annie Wang

Ever wonder who or what is behind the scenes of your favorite brands? There are numerous components to the brands belonging to the beauty industry. Some are CEOs, or in graphic design, some in marketing, product development, finance, PR, some may even own their own company! With continuous growth happening in the beauty industry, the opportunities are endless. Let’s get a glimpse of Annie Wang’s company, Glowie Co!

After seeing her video on TikTok on her experience as a buyer for Sephora, I reached out to Annie. She no longer works for Sephora but now owns her own company! Glowie Co carries all your Asian beauty and skincare needs, let’s find out more about Annie and her company!

Some Background

Annie was super sweet and a pleasure to talk to! She began telling me about her education; she graduated from UC San Diego back in 2011, majoring in Management Science, which is similar to economics. After graduating, she moved back to the Bay Area and worked at Gymboree Corporation. After working for a children’s clothing company, Annie decided to apply to Sephora as a distribution analyst! She previously was an allocation analyst, so the move seemed ideal. As a distribution analyst, she’d track inventory, as well as how much they’d sell, and much more. After working in this position, she became a buyer for the fragrance section of Sephora. The seven years of experience she got with them were extremely valuable and led her to start Glowie Co!

All About Glowie Co

As an enthusiast of beauty and skincare, Annie came to realize that there wasn’t a good U.S. based eCommerce company for Asian beauty and skin products. Skincare to her was a way to pamper herself and have a little “self-care” moment, especially during this quarantine. These products were her favorite as she mentions that although she experiments with various products, she finds herself “coming back to Asian Beauty products time and time again.” Alongside her husband, she decided to create her own company! After encountering counterfeit products and a long shipping wait, she wanted to allow consumers to get authentic products at a reasonable time. If you need to restock on some of your favorite products, click here to head over to Glowie Co. Your first order gets 10% off!

Some Advice

I asked Annie what advice she’d give to someone who wants to immerse themselves into a career in the beauty industry, and here are some of her helpful tips!

  1. Try to get a job in the retail industry! Whether it’s with shoes, clothing, or even a small beauty brand, getting retail experience is helpful since you work with customers and get overall exposure to how stores work.
  2. Blogs! If beauty is your calling, blogging is a great way to pave a path for your passion. You never know, your blog may become successful and be used as a platform for your love for beauty! 
  3. Stand out in your resume. List any valuable skills you have accumulated with experience and customize them towards the industry!

A huge thank you to Annie for having time to speak with me! Follow Glowie Co on Instagram and TikTok! Stay tuned for more inside looks at some of the jobs in the beauty industry. Also, check out Annie’s blog here!

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