Huda New Nude Eyeshadow Palette: Review

The Huda New Nude eyeshadow palette is an extremely hot item in the market and an excellent offering for those who enjoy adding a touch of pinks and purples with glossy shimmers to their looks. With a collection of 18 highly-pigmented, romantic shades and a diverse assortment of textures, it has the beauty community in an all-around hysteria. The palette has completely revolutionized the nude look, and has renewed ordinary eyeshadow staples into something new and innovative. The palette was made for makeup lovers who want to transform their appearance from day to night. Whatever type of look you’re into, this palette makes you the master and creator of mixing and blending shadows into a beautiful ensemble.

Packaging and Design

Needless to say, the exterior design of the palette is undeniably elegant and appealing to the naked eye, and I really enjoyed how the packaging of the product employs the usage of pinky-peach undertones that gives it a unique and stylish appearance. The front of the palette features an elegant photo of the brand creator herself, Huda, and uses a mix of pink and reflective holographic text to accentuate the overall color scheme of the product. Inside the product, it comes with a large, handy mirror and 18 different eyeshadow shades, perfectly sprawled across the palette in a beautiful color sequence.

Value and Price Point

The New Nude palette has a very high retail price of $65, which is definitely more expensive than the cost of most typical high-end eyeshadow palettes. However, what differentiates this palette from most of its other competitors is that it contains a lot more product and high quality ingredients. The formulation of the palette is infused with several enriching additives such as aloe vera, coconut oil, acacia, jojoba, sunflower wax, and silicones that provide a butter-like, creamy finish to the look. In addition, it comes with 0.59 oz of product, which is a lot more than what you receive with other eyeshadow palettes that usually come with 0.2 oz of product. Long story short, though it does have a value that is much higher than other competitors, it also is comparatively bigger and higher in quality.

Shade and Texture Selection

The New Nude palette comes with 18 different revolutionary colors that range from duochrome, shimmery shades to alluring mattes that complement any look. The palette incorporates both pink and purple tones as well as enchanting, iridescence glitters that are stunning to the eye. The variety of options to choose from makes the palette extremely wearable and suitable for whatever look you are going for. If you want to have a more casual, daytime appropriate appearance, the matte shades are your best friends. But if you’re seeking to trade in your daytime look for a special party look, you have the flexibility and complete authority to do so. In particular, the metallic sheen shadows features crystal pearl flecks that give off an astonishing, shiny finish.

In regards to the texture lineup of the palette, there are unlimited possibilities to choose from. It truly is an all-in-one package, consisting of a variety of combinations that would have any makeup lover in awe. First off, you have the concealer base which is extremely blendable and provides a silky application. The concealer base can be used to amplify the intensity of shadows and create an cut-crease look. Then you have your matte eyeshadows, which are easy to use and apply with whatever applicator you desire. Following are the multi-reflective shades that the palette incorporates, which have a smooth composition and give off a nice pearlescent glowing sheen to the look. Finally, the glitter and pressed pearl formulas add a beautiful, vibrant depth to the overall appearance.

Pigmentation & Overall Performance

Upon swatching and using these shadows in my various makeup creations, it was immediately evident that the colors are extremely pigmented and glaze effortlessly upon application. It transferred well from the brush, and I noticed that the shadows creased very minimally throughout the day. The shades were true to color and I was very pleased with how well the shadows adhered to my eyelids. The formula of the product has an extremely creamy and soft consistency, and is painless to build upon if you want more of an opaque coverage or want to intensify your look.

Tip: One issue I encountered with the palette is that the pressed glitter shadows tended to have a lot of fallout and was messy to work with at times. However, this can be easily fixed with a bit of glitter glue to give you the best results! The completed look you get with these shades is a brilliant, radiant finish that is unparalleled with any other palette I have used in the past.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that the palette may lean more towards the pricier side, I truly believe that it is an amazing product that is not only unique in its formulation but also versatile in creating a variety of looks that suit your style. The quality of the palette is extremely long-lasting, as it adheres to the skin perfectly and has a silky application. In addition, it also gives off an exquisite, luminous finish that has rich coverage and adds a gorgeous dimension to any look. With its revolutionary color selection and beautiful textures, this palette is definitely a must buy for any makeup geek.

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