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Lovely Lash Recommendations

February 12th, 2022


Lovely Lash Recommendations

I’m not the best at putting on eyelashes, but once I started thinking I was getting better at applying them, I never wanted to go back to not wearing them. I still consider myself a beginner, some lashes I still truly struggle with putting on. However, I’ve stumbled across gorgeous eyelashes that have been easy to apply and look amazing. I’m not going to gatekeep them, keep reading for some of my favorite lashes! 

I’m now a junior in college, I stumbled across on Instagram back in high school and knew I had to get some of her lashes for my senior portraits. Since I never wore lashes, these were one of my most “extravagant” pairs, but they’re so comfortable and look gorgeous with any eye look. These high-quality lashes are super affordable, my favorite style is Goldie, and it’s only $9!


Kiss – Lash Couture

I’ve tried lashes from Kiss, but I won’t lie, they’re usually a hit or a miss. However, when it comes to their Lash Couture line, they’re all worth it in my opinion, and aren’t pricey! This line has a variety of styles and some even come in a pack of three for the price of two! One of the first pairs I tried was in the style Teddy. I later stumbled upon the style Gala and have loved it ever since! 



I will say, I’ve only tried these lashes once, but they have so many cute styles I had to include them on here. Colourpop has some affordable lashes that are so flattering and comfortable too! My favorite is in the style Chick! I loved that it is more of a flared eyelash because it brings so much attention to your eyes. Go out and get yourself some of these for a day filled with compliments!


Do you have any lash recommendations?


With love, 




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