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Teeth Whitening

Teeth play a crucial role in forming the face structure and making us look (based on conventional standards of beauty) beautiful. Along with the teeth straightening, the color of the teeth also plays an integral role. But the color can vary for many reasons, and it is common for them to naturally darken with age or change color based on the food we regularly eat. Teeth can also get stained from things such as tobacco, coffee, tea, and wine. There are different methods to whiten teeth; all are made with bleach, usually in gel form. Sometimes bleach combined with phototherapy or laser. As we know, bleach is not the best ingredient to put in our mouth. An excess amount of bleach ingestion can also lead to death or increased body diseases or problems. The teeth whitening treatment is done either in a dental office or at home. One should always consult and get examined by a dentist first before trying anything on your own. 

I went under the treatment of teeth whitening a few months back. Initially, the teeth were unnaturally white, which seemed odd and weird. So always make sure that you ask your dentist to make your teeth not the whitest but as natural and clean looking as possible. Secondly, I also faced an issue of sensitivity after a few hours. It’s something that occurs when using bleach. The sensitivity reduced after some time, and everything went back to normal. We should remember all these changes are not permanent, and things go back to the natural state somehow. The teeth go back to the original natural color after some weeks or months based on your daily hygiene and foods you consume.



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