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There are more than 45,000 beauty and fashion bloggers on YouTube and Instagram. The colorful art and unique thoughts attract a lot of people, which helps them get paid. But a lot of people see the videos and move along. How many buy the products, regardless if they are sponsored or not? There are different kinds of people who use videos. Firstly, make-up artists who need inspiration from their techniques. Next are starters who don’t know where to begin their cosmetic journey or which product to buy first. The first category usually has its fair share of experiences and loyalty to cosmetic brands. They might buy a product or two by getting influenced by the beauty blogger, but the significant influence which leads to sponsorship for the beauty bloggers comes from the starters. If the blogger is convincing and the product is easy to use, it will earn a lot of sales from the influencers. 

A beauty blogger’s impact depends a lot on their technique of expression, use, and convincing power. People usually buy things quicker and easier only, whereas if they are in person, they contemplate more as they see many more products in front of them. The bloggers tend to use this mentality and focus on one product that could be easily ordered online. The current COVID pandemic has only supported this approach of finding pleasure from shopping after being advised by a fair and knowledgeable blogger. 

There are so many occasions when we are not trying to buy a product but are just browsing or call it virtual window shopping! But the impactful approach leads us to down our guard and go ahead with the purchase. If a blogger manages to accomplish such a task, they are indeed an “influencer.” 

But sometimes bloggers’ decisions and ideas bias our opinion as cosmetics is something which suits everyone differently and is unique for a large part of the population. We need to be vigilant and know the blogger before we agree to follow their advice.



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