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Fall into Fall with these Makeup Tutorials

October 17, 2022

Can you believe it’s already October? We are finally past the heat of the summer and the horrible heat waves from September. With this change of season, it’s time to transition your style to match the mood of fall! With that in mind, I’ve compiled a little list of fall makeup tutorials to inspire you <3


If You Want A Soft Glam Look…

The first tutorial I’d like to feature is by Giorgina Juanita. She makes use of beautiful reddish browns to create this look. I’d recommend following her tutorial if you want something that won’t take up too much time but still gives you a ‘wow factor.’ BeautybyAngee also shows us an amazing look. She uses a similar color palette to Giorgina but if you want something that’s a bit more elevated for a night out then follow along with Angee. Angee is very thorough when explaining each step, and I can’t wait for her to post more videos!

The last soft glam look I’m featuring is by Kaaviya. Kaaviya’s video is a bit on the longer side, but it’s definitely worth a watch! Not only is she explaining a makeup look, but she’s also providing commentary on her own life. Watching her video makes you feel like you’re getting ready with a friend.


If You Want A Natural Look…

Hung Vanngo has some of the best makeup tutorials. So if you’re new to makeup, check out his videos. Something to keep in mind about makeup is that you need to cater your makeup to your own features. I love Hung because he does makeup on a variety of models so you’ll be able to follow along a tutorial with a model who has similar features to you. The tutorial I specifically linked is a very, very natural look. Which is perfect for a casual everyday look. The last tutorial I’m featuring is by PONY Syndrome. She speaks Korean, but all of her videos do have English subtitles. I love the soft browns and pinks she uses. Her tutorials are so pleasing to watch because she always has an aesthetic background, cute editing, and great camera angles. Follow along with her, if you want to achieve a pretty pink autumn-inspired look


I hope you found a tutorial you liked or discovered a new beauty influencer to follow. This is my first blog post with Aurum, and I can’t wait to write more for you to read 🙂




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