First Impressions: Vegan Makeup 

February 28th, 2022


First Impressions: Vegan Makeup 


This week I decided to try out three new vegan Makeup products! As the weather gets warmer my skin gets more irritated due to the sun. I have found that when it comes to makeup vegan makeup does not irritate my skin any further. Vegan products are often effective for those with sensitive skin because they contain fewer and more natural ingredients. Although not every vegan product I try will remain a staple in my routine, I appreciate that out of all the vegan products I have tried, none of them have given me an adverse reaction. Here is my review of these three products I decided to test over the course of a week. 


Tarte SEA Power Flex Concealer

This was the first Tarte product I’ve ever owned. I know the Tarte shape tape is extremely popular for its full coverage, but I decided to test this version out in particular because I thought it was interesting to see how it was being marketed as the “yoga pants of concealer.” This means that the product is supposed to flex with your skin like yoga pants do. I also appreciate that it comes in thirty-two shades, so there is quite a variety in comparison to other brands. My first impression is that it was surprisingly lightweight for a full coverage concealer. It didn’t look cakey or settle into fine lines, and it helped cover my under-eye circles adequately. Also, I find that it doesn’t feel dry or irritating. This is because it contains hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture, and niacinamide, which is anti-inflammatory. When it comes to lasting its power, I found that it lasted the entire school day! I have a habit of rubbing my eyes, so it did begin to bunch up around those areas after a while, but that’s just my bad habit. Overall, it wore nicely on the skin and caused no irritation throughout the day! 


Kosas Cloud Set Setting Powder

I’ve heard great things about Kosas as a brand in general, so I was excited to finally try one of their products. The product I decided to try was the Cloud Set Setting Powder because it was being marketed as leaving your skin like “actual angel skin.” If you haven’t noticed already I am a sucker for cute little slogans! This product currently comes in ten shades and a minimal frosted acrylic compact. I tend to go for pressed setting powder because I find that they work better for my skin type. My first impression was that it wore beautifully on top of my BB cream. It has a very airy texture and leaves a sheer layer without looking too chalky or feeling heavy. I also like how it leaves a natural finish on the skin. A lot of setting powders leave the skin looking completely matte and one-dimensional, but this reduces oily shine without completely removing the glow of your skin. This is a product I will definitely reach for when I want to go for a more natural makeup look!


Amuse Dew Tint

Amuse is a brand that kept popping up on my social media feed, so I finally gave in and decided to purchase one of their products! The product I opted to go for was their Dew Tint. With the arrival of spring coming up, I have been looking for products to add color to my makeup routine, and this seemed like it was perfect for the job! The Dew tint comes in twelve colors and the color I chose was “Hwayangyeonhwa” which is a warm-toned red-orange color. The packaging is a sheer peach color and the product also has a slight peach scent. I prefer to wear glossy lip tints during the warmer weather but many of them are super sticky. However, this product has a lightweight and watery texture without the stickiness. Despite it being a 35% water-infused lip tint, it adheres very well to the lips. I had no problem with it smearing, and it helped keep my lips moisturized throughout the day. I love how it gives the lips a glowy water-stained look appropriate for the spring!






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