My Ride or Die Eyebrow Products

April 3rd, 2022


My Ride or Die Eyebrow Products


I recently got my eyebrows threaded, so the urge to have them filled in is always there. It’s a million times easier to do my brows when they’re done—I just follow its natural shape. I have three products that are key for my eyebrow routine and they all happen to be from Anastasia Beverly Hills! Keep reading to find out my three must-have items from them!


  1. Brow Wiz

When I first tried this eyebrow pencil, I was really trying to understand the hype, and I eventually did. I’m more of an eyebrow powder or eyebrow pomade girl, so using a pencil was somewhat difficult on the first try. Eventually, this is all I used for a nice natural eyebrow. I remember hearing someone say they went through the eyebrow pencil quickly and I was so confused—I understand it now.


  1. Brow Powder Duo

When I’m doing a full glam look, I go in with the Brow Wiz to follow the shape of my brow. I then go over that line with the powder, brush the product upwards, and fill it in. I first learned how to do my eyebrows with a black eyeshadow so working with powder is all I knew. I’ll always go for a powdered eyebrow because I genuinely think it gives it a full, fluffy look. My eyebrow powder of choice is no longer black and is now a dark brown that suits my hair color—finally.


  1. Clear Brow Gel

What eyebrow routine doesn’t include a brow gel? I’ve tried so many, from drugstore to high-end, and I’ll always come back to this one by Anastasia. I remember when I first tried it a couple of years back in a Sephora sample box, I absolutely loved it. I even let my roommate at the time try it, and she went in and got the full size. I feel as if this is the only eyebrow gel that actually tames my hair and keeps them looking full.


What are your favorite eyebrow products for your brow routine? Let us know!


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