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How To: Maintain a Beauty Routine in a Pandemic-Ridden World

Gwyneth Hutchinson

April 7, 2020

Times are tough. Everyone is at their wits end, be it from self-isolating, from worry, or from concerns about your health and that of those you love. We are living through a literal pandemic, and while beauty may seem trivial, it is part of what keeps me sane. I think that there are certain routines and habits that can evoke structure and comfort in an otherwise confusing, daunting time in your life. Living through coronavirus is one such event that has left me especially dependent on the aspects of my life I can control when I feel powerless and scared. Here are my ways of maintaining my beauty routine amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in the hope that they may help you push through these difficult months.


Firstly, get dressed and do your makeup every day. Don’t let yourself sit around in sweats and a hoodie without so much as washing your face for the entire day. It isn’t a healthy routine to maintain, and it makes it even more difficult to be productive (I’m looking at you, 9 am attendance-mandatory Zoom lecture). Instead, get up, do your skincare routine, put on your makeup (whatever this looks like to you on a normal day), and force yourself to put on clothes. I’m talking jeans, folks. It’s way harder to wallow and ignore your work when you’re not comfortable enough to laze around. If you’re dressed, you’ve already accomplished something and have a sense of purpose going into the day.


Secondly, shower every day. Part of you may be tempted to wait it out for a day or two because you’re not leaving the house, you have no commitments, no one is going to see you, and you’ve given up on your appearance for the time being. Fight this impulse, and hop in the shower for just a few minutes each day to at the very least rinse off. I’ve been forcing myself to shave my legs, exfoliate, and do a hair mask to create a stronger sense of routine and make me feel less disgusting. 


Thirdly, find a way to do the maintenance you may otherwise do at a salon at home. Because of the pandemic, there are very few salons open to pamper yourself and do your regularly scheduled services. This gives you a great opportunity to save some cash, entertain yourself, and stay up-to-date on your beauty habits. I personally started watching a lot of tutorials on how to best shape and trim your brows at home, how to do your own hair color (though I’ve got a hefty amount of experience with box-dyes), how to do a perfect salon manicure by yourself, and even how to trim your own split ends! There are countless ways to keep up your appearance and provide yourself with a fun task to break up the endless stretches of alone time with something interesting. 


Fourthly, pamper yourself when you’re feeling panicky. These are very rough times we are all experiencing, and it’s critical that you find a healthy outlet and way to manage the stress of coronavirus fears and being cooped up all-day, every day sans social interactions. I’ve been trying to distract myself and calm down with a little extra TLC when I’m feeling anxiety rise in me. I’ve been doing face masks, polishing my nails, trying a difficult makeup look I’ve been eyeing, or anything that comes to mind that will pull my thoughts elsewhere. 


Fifthly, do what you must to feel like yourself. It is not easy to feel whole and like you have a sense of self when you’re quarantining and scared. Whatever habits make you feel like yourself should be a priority. For me, it’s my favorite perfume, boosting up my natural curls in my hair, and a makeup look that is natural but eye-catching. For you, it may be dying your hair black again, wearing pink nail polish, or putting on earrings every day. Whatever your preferences, make them a habit and make them happen daily. 


I hope these guidelines help you feel a little better and take care of yourself and your loved ones!




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