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Beauty Zoom Date Idea

Valeria Garnica 

April 6, 2020

Things seem to be getting progressively worse. COVID-19 has affected our global population immensely, and with good reason, it is the only subject that we seem to talk about. The media is constantly flooding us with information regarding medical advice, financial difficulties, death tolls — it’s truly exhausting, I know. As important as it is to monitor this information for our wellbeing, it is also important to take some time to ourselves every once in a while. Each and every one of us deserves to find peace outside of this pandemic without feeling guilty about it. I hope that Cal Aurum can be a host for that peaceful escape. As an organization that celebrates empowerment, diversity, creativity, and passion, I want to extend my invitation for this to be a place that we can all turn to for happiness. 


Last week, I talked about the adjustment to quarantine. Now that many of us are beginning to get settled in self-isolation, I thought it would be nice to switch things up a bit. To feel a little bit more accompanied by each other in our beauty community, I decided that it could be helpful to begin a one-month series where I share some of my favorite beauty-related activities that will make you love some indoor time! 


In the past week, I have had such a fun time going on Zoom Dates with friends that I thought it would be fun to mention it first in the series. If you are not familiar with the platform, Zoom is a communications service that allows multiple people to video chat simultaneously. Zoom is great for hosting academic lectures and classes, for work meetings, and conferencing services. However, in these lonely times, people have gotten especially creative with Zoom. Zoom has become the center of all social activity in this quarantine, as it’s brought people together to join for wine nights, yoga classes, book clubs, and more! 


What my friends and I have figured out though, is that if we can host wine nights, yoga classes, book clubs, and more… then we should host beauty classes on the platform too! After an enjoyable time on a Zoom Date one day, we decided that the next time that we would log on to talk to each other, each of us should bring a different beauty-related trick/hack/tip that they can share with everybody. We tried it out, and it was a success. 


The conversation was engaging for us all. We bonded since we were focused on beauty, a subject area that we were all highly interested in. Ideas were flowing freely and people were listening. It allowed for one person to speak at a time, insighting respect and acknowledgment of all the members present. It helped us dive deep into interesting topics of conversation that we would have not otherwise discussed. It gave us an activity to do during our hangout, providing structure and purpose. It also was exciting to see how researching something to bring to the table actually kept our hands full throughout the week. We were able to learn so many other, awesome things in all subject areas just because we were looking for a simple beauty trick to share with our friends. In general, this experience helped us share a special feeling of connectedness even when we are at our most disconnected state. 


If you have time to try this out, I highly recommend it. Invite anywhere from two to ten friends to a Zoom Date. Organize a time and send out a discussion topic. I gave the beauty topic as an example, but it could really be anything that interests you all. Then individually take the week to research the topic and meet to share! It’s so simple but so exciting. It really does lift spirits, I hope that some of you get to try this out, and hopefully, you enjoy it as much as I have. 


Stay safe and much love!





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