Hydr-8(ed) Hair

The past couple of years I was on a kick of dyeing my hair, bleach and color, in different styles with no real break in between. Recently I decided to dye my hair black and just leave it for a while. However, there are consequences to dyeing your hair for years and not really doing much to protect it, my hair had lost whatever texture it previously had and honestly just looked like it had gone through a lot. The Vegamour Hydr-8 shampoo and conditioner was something that I didn’t know my hair needed but I’m so glad I was able to try it! In just the last two weeks that I have used it I have seen significant improvement in my hair both in texture (which is directly what I wanted to improve) and in the fact that my hair has been generally less frizzy. 

Vegamour is a brand that specializes in hair care, specifically vegan and cruelty free hair care products. Many hair care products, especially shampoo and conditioner, have a lot of ingredients that may not be so good for your hair and scalp but Vegamour’s mission is to advocate for the use of ingredients that are both thoughtfully sourced and organic so that you, as the consumer, can feel comfortable with what you are putting in your hair. They have products that can help with hair growth, hydration, texture and more. I was able to try the Hydr-8 shampoo and conditioner which is focused on helping to return and maintain moisture to your hair which, after bleaching my hair for 5 years straight, I desperately needed.


At first I used these products how I would normally use shampoo and conditioner and I was able to see results but once I read the directions on the bottle and followed them the results were even better, shocking I know. How I usually wash my hair is shampoo on my scalp and I scrub and then conditioner on everything but my scalp and rinse. The bottles say that you should apply the shampoo from roots to ends and scrub and let it sit for about a minute and then rinse and then put the conditioner from roots to ends and let it sit for two minutes and then rinse. This was kind of hard for me because putting conditioner on my scalp goes against every instinct I have but I chose to trust the experts and proceed. I think that using this method especially for the conditioner makes it work as somewhat of a hair mask as well as a conditioner, and I clearly needed it. I’m so glad I read directions for once!

Even when I was using Hydr-8 how I usually use shampoo and conditioner I was able to see improvement. My hair was able to curl on its own better. For reference here is my hair before I started using the products after brushing (left) and then how my hair looked dry after only two washes with the products (right). 

Overall there are many things that I enjoyed about this shampoo and conditioner. I think it smells really nice (the smell lasts well into the day and night after a wash as well) and I noticed a lot of improvement in my hair. I was really excited about the opportunity of having my hair be even a little bit healthier than it has been and I’m really happy to say that I genuinely did see improvement and I’m excited to see how my hair continues to get healthier as I continue using the shampoo and conditioner until the bottles are squeezed DRY. Here is what my hair looks like now after two weeks of exclusively using the Vegamour Hydr-8 formula!

I just wanna end by saying thank you to Vegamour because I don’t think I would have been able to see this improvement in my hair so quickly if it wasn’t for them allowing me to try these products! 

Rayne ฅ՞•ع•՞ฅ

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