3 Great Scents for the Spring!

February 20th, 2022


3 Great Scents for the Spring!

I wrote a blog post similar to this one back in the Fall, now it’s time for the Spring! I realized that I can’t let go of a scent once I really fall in love with it. That was my situation for Prada Candy, I wore it year-round. My friend was the one who suggested I switch it up for the spring for a more floral, vibrant, spring scent! I went out and bought three that I think are perfect for the spring, keep reading to find out which one is my favorite!


fresh, Sugar Lychee

Buying this scent was such a risk because of the mixed reviews, but I had to remind myself that perfumes smell different on everyone, and everything is always worth a try. Fresh’s Sugar Lychee scent is one that I’m getting used to slowly but surely. I don’t really smell the lychee in it, but it is a sweet smell that isn’t too overpowering. It’s a very citrus scent, which is one that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The mini size of this perfume is only $27, go out and give it a try!


REPLICA, Springtime In A Park

My friend talks nonstop about her collection of REPLICA by Maison Margiela scents, I had to finally give it a try. If you’ve ever wanted to smell fresh but also have some floral notes to your scent, this is definitely one you should try. The floral notes aren’t too overpowering, and it feels like a very light fragrance. The scent does have the typical “powdery” smell that most floral fragrances have but it is very subtle. On my skin, it didn’t last too long but I didn’t mind it because I tend to get headaches after smelling perfume on me all day. 


Marc Jacobs, Perfect

I had to save the best for last. This was the first perfume I got out of the three, and I genuinely think it is my absolute favorite so far. When I first tried it on, my anxiety made me overwhelmed with the scent since I wore it to a lecture hall with no windows. 

I sat there thinking, “what if someone around me hates it”? It truly doesn’t matter now because I wore it out again after and got so many compliments on it. This perfume is everything, the sweetness to it isn’t too much and it goes well with my skin. The longevity of it isn’t the best but it’s definitely my favorite scent!


Do you have any recommendations?


With love, 




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