ICYMI: Beauty Bosses in Berkeley

This past Friday, April 16th, Aurum hosted their annual Beauty Bosses in Berkeley event! We had panelists from Rodan+Fields, L’Oreal, and Rare Beauty who all had fantastic advice and gave us a glimpse as to what they do daily. Keep reading to find out more about the event! 

Our Panelists

The event was based on our three amazing panelists and their experiences so far in the beauty industry. We first had Alanna Tran, who’s currently working over at L’Oreal working in Global Marketing! Our next panelist was Aishani Majumdar, who happens to be a co-founder of Aurum Cosmetics! She is currently working at Rodan+Fields doing something similar to Alanna, Marketing Innovation. Our last panelist was Logan Reynolds; she’s currently working at Rare Beauty working on social and digital marketing!

Useful Advice 

If there is one thing I took away from this event, it was different and showcase how creative you are. Aishani and Logan gave us great examples as to how they landed their jobs being creative. Logan created a presentation to send over that replicated the colors and fonts of Rare Beauty that showcased her talents and previous marketing experiences. Aishani created a website to show that she was in tune with her creative side, even if she had a technical (she majored in chemical engineering!) background. Alanna gave us a helpful tip when doing interviews through the internet. She mentions that interviews are difficult to do during this zoom era since it is somewhat hard to showcase who you are. She gave us the advice to write down word for word what you plan on saying, don’t do bullet points. By writing out sentence after sentence of what you plan to say. It decreases the chance of you stuttering or missing the main idea of what you wanted to say. 

I want to thank our panelists once again for the fantastic advice they gave. I will definitely implement their advice in my job hunting! Don’t forget to follow our social media to be notified of future events! 

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