Green Glam!

In case you didn’t know, in April we have Earth Day on the 22nd! In honor of Earth Day coming up, here are some of my favorite eyeliner and eyeshadow products that are various shades of green. Green is a color that lately has been extremely popular online, go ahead and give it a shot! You never know, maybe incorporating this pop of color might be your new favorite makeup step! 

Lovely Liners

Eyeliner is something that really pulls an eye look together. Here are some of the best eyeliners I’ve heard of to add a pop of color to your eyes! Beginning on the lighter side of green, Kiko Milano’s eyeliner in Mint is beginner-friendly and very pigmented! I own this pencil in a brown shade, and they’re high quality for the price. Run and grab it now; it’s only $3! NYX’s liquid eyeliner in the shade Vivid Envy is as vivid as it’s called. I have this liner, and I will admit it is a bit dry, but it lasts for quite some time! Stila’s liquid eyeliner in Intense Jade is such a gorgeous color with amazing pigment on the darker side of the color green. I imagine using this with just a primed eyelid and translucent pressed powder. 

Earthy Eyeshadow

Recently I’ve been getting into adding non-neutral colors to my makeup collection because I want to change up my makeup looks. I gravitated towards a gorgeous green palette by Huda Beauty, and I don’t regret it one bit! The colors blended out like a dream, and I’m surely going to start using this more. If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing, give this Tom Nook inspired palette by Colourpop a try! Colourpop makes affordable and adorable eyeshadow palettes. This palette, in particular, I’m fond of because it has it all. Matte, metallic, and gorgeous glittery shades! For a super quick eyeshadow look, go ahead and give e.l.f. Cosmetics’ liquid eyeshadow in Mermaid Shimmy a try! Just prep your eyes and a quick swipe of this eyeshadow, and you’re good to go!

If you try out any of these let us know, what are some of your favorite green products? Go outside on Earth Day (safely of course) and let the beauty of nature sink in!

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