ICYMI: Careers In Cosmetics Panel

On Tuesday, October 13th, Aurum Cosmetics held the highly-anticipated Careers in Cosmetics panel. The panel featured five successful professionals in the beauty industry who gave insight into their career journey, helpful advice, and much more! We featured five panelists from ranging brands, including Kendo, Laura Mercier, Shiseido, and NARS. If you missed it, here’s a recap of how the event went.

Our Panelists (Alphabetical Order):

  • Beginning with Betty Kim-English, a senior vice president at NARS/Laura Mercier, she gave a very engaging story about her journey to where she is now. She got to experience switching majors, which then transformed into experiencing different companies’ different roles, which was essential in building up her overall career. 
  • Dina Fierro is a VP and global digital strategy/social engagement at NARS. Dina had an intriguing journey starting at FIT with the intention of being in the fashion industry and slowly realizing it wasn’t what she had in mind. Nonetheless, she kept going and began her career in the agency world. She then switched from agency to brand-side, including as Christian Louboutin, who created the iconic red bottoms and NARS where she is now.
  • Elizabeth Enderle works for Kendo Beauty as a senior brand director. Elizabeth gave beneficial advice in regards to career journeys. She quoted a favorite book of hers, and it stuck with me. It was something along the lines of, “your career journey isn’t a straight ladder up. Rather, it’s lots of lefts and rights that guide you up”. 
  • Jacinda Heintz, an associate manager for Kendo, working in the influencer marketing realm. Jacinda is a USC graduate who is relatively new to the industry but nonetheless had a fascinating insight and great advice to give! She spoke on her experience so far, including how they’ve been making the most of this tedious pandemic. She also mentioned how they’re engaging with influencers when meeting in person isn’t possible.
  • Staci (Anastacia) Jaime, is a UX designer for Shiseido. Staci began her journey at Brigham Young University, where she majored in Business Management and then furthered her education journey at UW. I believe she mentioned in the panel she is now working for Amazon’s fashion section. How exciting!

In Essence…

A common thing behind most panelists was beginning where they didn’t think they’d start at, but based on their experiences, that’s totally okay. Nothing is definitive! Everything takes time, don’t be bummed if you don’t score your dream job right out of college! There was also a short talk on how to connect with others. Remember, it’s easier to connect with those just a few years out of school and always be unique and yourself!

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