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This past Thursday, Aurum Cosmetics’ Research Committee had an amazing opportunity to host their Keynote Speaker Series, which featured Pixi Beauty! Pixi Beauty was founded twenty years ago by Petra Strand. Named after what she’d call her younger sister, Pixi Beauty is known for its extensive line of high-quality skincare and makeup products that leave you looking great. The members at Aurum got to listen to a Pixi Beauty Executive Officer and Pixi Beauty Educator, Colleen and Genevieve, to learn more about the brand. Members who came to the event got the chance to get some goodies from Pixi Beauty sent to them to try and love for themselves! 

The Event

In this event, Aurum got to learn more about the brand itself. We received insight into the history of Pixi Beauty and some tips on how to get the best use of their products. We also learned about some of the ingredients in the fan-favorite goods! Beginning with a quick tour of the boutique located in Los Angeles, Colleen showed us the shop’s aesthetically pleasing appeal and a short rundown of their products. The first product introduced to us was their best-selling product, the Glow Tonic. I used this toner back in high school, and it was my absolute favorite! My skin improved drastically and was glowing like no other, even at seven in the morning. Quick warning, those with sensitive skin might want to dilute it a little to get your skin used to the acidity of it! Colleen gave a demo on a versatile blush which was gorgeous and Genevieve added it was one of her favorite shades. We also got to see the Endless Silky Eye Pen in action and the way it glides to create a flawless line!

Looking Great for the Low

“It shouldn’t cost a lot to look good and feel good” is what founder Petra Strand had in mind when creating these high-quality products. With all their products being under $30, this is great for every college student! Looking great on a budget is how it always should be. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to check them out or if you missed the free goodies from the event, here’s another incentive to have you cave in, 15% off your next purchase! I’d suggest acting quick; their products don’t fly off the shelves for no reason.

Pamper Yourself

In the event, both Colleen and Genevieve gave us some of their best tips to get the maximum potential out of their products. They suggested to freeze the iconic Glow Tonic and massage the ice cubes on your face in an upwards motion or refrigerate the toner for a cooling sensation. It’s not only suitable for the face but also the body! Genevieve mentioned that she uses it on her arms, after shaving, and even on a mosquito bite! They also reviewed another product that is crucial for pampering, eye patches. Pixi Beauty sells three types of them, whether you need brightening, depuffing, or firming. You can use the patches while studying last minute for an exam, as you unwind from a stressful day, or while you sleep. I currently use these and find using them while you sleep to be the best. They also have some fantastic sheet masks, which are worth checking out. We all need a pick-me-up after midterms.

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