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March is already happening again; we’ve been locked in for a year! As sad as it sounds, don’t let it bring you down. Think of it as a time to perfect the flick of the wrist and create marvelous looks for when we’re back on the street! It can be tricky to learn on your own, so here are some of the best beauty Youtubers to guide you through creating your perfect makeup look!

Mariah Leonard

Dating back to 2018, Mariah Leonard began posting on Youtube, and she’s been one of my favorites ever since. Her makeup looks are gorgeous and relatively easy to re-create. She’s switched to a more natural/glowy makeup vibe through the years, which is definitely in right now. Mariah makes complex makeup look super easy; I’m definitely going to try to re-create some of these looks for a little selfie moment. 

Rachel Tee Tyler

I stumbled upon Rachel’s channel around my senior year of high school and have watched her ever since. I’d like to consider her the queen of minimal makeup. Her tutorials aren’t on the difficult side, and she’s the gal you look up for anything. Her videos range from hair to makeup tutorials, her skin routine, and much more! Something I love is that the majority of her videos include drugstore products. You get to slay on a budget!

Isabella Rose Chavez

If you want to look like a total Instagram baddie, you need to watch Isabella, period. I found her through Instagram back when she was doing such gorgeous makeup at the age of fifteen! Her looks are also not too complicated, and she has quite a variety of looks. Isabella is your girl if you want to do a simple brown look or an over-the-top Euphoria inspired look. 

Sagonia Lazarof

Mastering a perfect contoured look is hard, trust me. However, Sagonia is here to ease all your contour worries. Like the others, she has a variety of tutorials, but the best, in my opinion, would have to be her contour ones. A year ago, I stumbled on her tutorial where she shows how to slim your face with makeup. I haven’t exposed my face’s chubbiness in a long time thanks to her techniques. She even has a video up on lip combinations to give the illusion of big lips!

Do you have any favorite Youtubers you’d like to share? Wishing you all the best when it comes to your makeup!

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