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Quarantine and Me: How I’ve Been Coping

Valeria Garnica

April 28, 2020

Times of hardship have approached us. Whether it’s as tragic as the passing of a loved one, as difficult as economic challenges or frustrating like self-isolation — this COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in individualized ways. I would like to begin this week’s blog by extending my condolences to all who are suffering and to those who are facing unexpected difficulties. This will all pass, but in the meantime, I wish to uplift our beauty community with some heartfelt recommendations that have personally helped me through the quarantine that we’re experiencing. 


Even though I recognize that my situation is not severe, I can relate to the many many folks who are currently adjusting to their new lifestyles in quarantine. This came to many of us as a surprise and from one day to another, our world’s seemed to be flipped upside down. So I’ll be honest, by day three of self-isolation my self-esteem was through the floor. I had lost track of my responsibilities, my emails kept piling up, I hadn’t changed out of my pajamas in days, and the light of day had become foreign to me. “Gross” is the only way I can describe how I was feeling. I’m sure many of you have probably felt the same.


So day four came around, and I said: “enough is enough!” I woke up to make my bed, I took my hair down, hopped in the shower, and sat down on my Google Calendar — my best friend by the way — to re-organize my life. 


Let me tell ya, Google Calendar is everything. It keeps me grounded, structured, productive. It’s on all of my devices and sends me constant reminders. It’s nicely color-coded by subject or task, and it’s everything! It really is. So I thought if my calendar did such wonders for me while at school and at work, why can’t it now? At the end of the day, I’m still doing school and work, even if it’s from home. Why not spice things up a bit to add a little pizazz to my day?! 


I began by making a list of things that physically make me feel good about myself because my physical self is what was needing some attention at that moment. I wanted to jot down everything and anything that could help get me out of the rut I was in. My reasoning was that if I could pinpoint these little activities that make me happy and add them to my Google Calendar, then they can too begin to help me get the structure that I’ve been craving back into my routine. 


The first thing that immediately came to mind when I thought of things that make me feel good, was working out. I love working out and for some reason, the second that my gym closed (due to Coronavirus concerns), I completely abandoned my working out habits as if I needed equipment to work out! I don’t. I have me, myself, and I,  and I can do without. 


I made a workout schedule for myself that I now follow every day. It has completely lifted my spirits. I like to look for at-home workout inspiration from my favorite fitness babe “Whitney Simmons” on YouTube. Her energy and positivity have given me life. 


Then I continued on with my list… 


  1. Face masks
  2. Bright eyeshadow colors
  3. Shaving and exfoliating my legs
  4. Styling my hair 
  5. Painting my nails
  6. Getting dressed up
  7. Plucking my eyebrows 


These are all things I love, so why shouldn’t I incorporate them too? I should, and that’s what I did. I decided to incorporate one activity of the ones listed above in my daily routine and it’s been awesome. On Monday I do a face mask before bed, on Tuesday I do a fun makeup look to enjoy my day in, on Wednesday I shave and exfoliate my legs, on Thursday I straighten my hair, on Friday I paint my nails, Saturdays are for dressing up in a cute outfit, and Sunday is all about the brows. Ever since I adopted this schedule I have felt like myself again. It was lovely looking forward to each activity. 


I suggest that you write your own list of things that make you happy (beauty-related or not) and add it to your list of to-do-things. Make yourself a priority. Read a book that you’ve been meaning to, watch that movie that a friend always recommends, rock that lipstick that you always eye but are too scared to wear out. Do it all! This is the time for it. It’s time to put ourselves first. 


COVID-19 has taken a toll on the world, and so I want to kindly share what has helped me adjust to this new lifestyle. I only hope to inspire those who are currently in the shoes that I was in a few days ago. 


Stay safe, stay healthy, and take care of each other. 





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