Three Companies Killing the Game for Shade-Inclusive Foundations

Gwyneth Hutchinson

March 3, 2020

We all have our own idiosyncratic struggles in the beauty world that require us to search high and low for a product to suit our needs, but our skin tone should not be one of them. The days of the six-shade foundation ranges are coming to a close, dearies, and that is a wonderful thing. Beauty companies are increasingly being called out when they produce products with limited, non-universal shade ranges and are leaning towards the cultivation of shade ranges that work for all skin tones. These three brands have been slaying the shade-inclusivity game and producing incredible products that work for everyone. 


  1. Makeup For Ever: MFE has had skin in this movement for the longest of any brand I can recall. Their HD foundation range had over 30 shades nearly a decade ago, and they have continued to produce makeup for every complexion since with a whopping 50 shades for the same formulation today. Their most recent launch of the Reboot foundation includes 24 shades from very fair to very deep right off the bat with the intention to expand that range even more in the coming months.
  2. Fenty Beauty: Rihanna launched this company with inclusivity at the helm of her mission and her raison d’être in the beauty world, and she is just winning. Of the two foundations she has released so far in the company’s nascency, both included 50 shades for every complexion under the sun — every skin type, shade, and undertone is accounted for in her incredible roll-out of high-quality, gorgeous products!
  3. L’Oreal Paris: L’Oreal, for as long as I can remember, has done a bang-up job with their True Match foundations — with 45 shades — and nearly every face product they’ve released in the last decade or so. It is rare to see a drugstore company curate such an incredible expanse of shades from the palest of pales to the deepest of deeps. And as a bonus, their products won’t break the bank and have accompanying face products (powders, blushes, concealers, etc.) to pair with the shade you’re matched to!


These beauty brands have been making it their mission to ensure everyone, no matter their skin tone or undertone, has a foundation shade that will match their complexion! Shade inclusivity benefits all beauty lovers, but I also think we should, on principle, hold beauty companies accountable for the shades they release (or rather, the ones they don’t). 





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