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Beauty and Tech!

Jhanvi Patel

March 6, 2020

As a community built on the principles of varying cultures and entertainment, the Bay Area wears its cosmopolitan status with pride. The innovations and fast-paced nature have continued to shift the tides of mainstream America. Cosmetics have been gaining in the innovative spotlight in the past few decades, and technology, just like on everything else, has started influencing the cosmetic industry as well. Many of the big beauty companies are using technology to enhance the consumer experience and create sustainable, healthier, and better products. For many of the beauty brands, the target is no longer finding the perfect shade for everyone but rather reinventing the ways in which we discover beauty and make it our own. From advanced retail technology to AI-powered skincare personalization, the possibilities and potential are endless.

Some start-ups have already dove into the upcoming combination. Biossance — a spin-off company from biotech giant Amyris — uses biotechnology to create effective, safe, and sustainable beauty products. Ayla Beauty offers an expert-curated collection of healthy beauty products online. Blushup provides retail technology to help beauty brands and retailers drive traffic to stores by enabling consumers to book beauty services through their mobile devices. Credo Beauty provides clean, cruelty-free beauty products, which are manufactured without harmful ingredients like aluminum powder, chemical sunscreens, or formaldehyde. Earth Tu Face, by a herbalist, is a company that creates plant-based, food-grade cosmetic products and many more in line.

At this point, any field’s knowledge, ranging from economics to public policy and computer science, is whole-heartedly accepted in the cosmetic industry. The recent innovations not only put a spotlight on the industry, but also offers a taste of the unlimited potential that remains untapped in the cosmetics world. 



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