First Personal Care Product

Whenever I ask people if they had to buy their “first” personal care product, what would it be? I got answers ranging from lipsticks, foundation, and eye-liner to face-masks, which made me realize everyone gets their “comfort” in very different products and gives them a unique story. These products made them feel confident, beautiful, and more powerful. That is the goal of any cosmetic product, right?

Moisturizers have been a lifelong companion for me. It is evergreen as it makes the base for a cosmetic lover and acts as a shield from others’ dust and dirt. Most of the personal care products have a motive, but moisturizers are all-rounders. They help acne, slow the signs of aging, protect the skin, and make the skin smoother and brighter. On top of all these features, it also gives a faint sweet smell, making a person adore the product even more.

Along with beauty assistance, it prevents dryness, irritation, and skin problems as well. Moisturizers can have all these qualities in one only if we invest in the right brand product. A good brand can make or break any product. 

It was my first personal care product. It gave me comfort and a sense of refreshment, which made me interested in cosmetics. Everyone might have a different “first product” and a separate “best experience,” but one thing which stays the same is the feeling of comfort and refreshment. 

Make the feeling of comfort and refreshment your first cosmetic product. 



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