Robert’s Roses

Today we talk about skincare! Roberts Acqua Distillata Alle Rose (or Roberts Distilled Rosewater) is a classic product present in every family’s home in Italy. 

Roberts Rose Water was created in Florence, Italy by Italian herbalist Henry Roberts. The bright blue bottle packaging and the elegant white label has been on Italian supermarket shelves since 1867. The product is composed of pure distilled water and extracts of three roses. The water is very refreshing and used as a toner to keep skin young. It also is used to avoid redness and irritation. Coming in at only around $15 on Amazon, Roberts Rose Water is often the first product Italian mothers purchase for their daughters to begin their skincare routines (just like they inherited from their grandmothers). 

The product is excellent for all skin types and, although affordable, has fantastic all-rounder effects. It refreshes, it moisturizes, it depuffs. To apply, either pour on cotton rounds or directly on your hands and carefully dab on face, neck, and eyes. Not only is it good for your face, but it can also be added to your bathtub for a soothing and refreshing bath or even used as a rose mist after pouring some of the water in a spray bottle.

 A definite must-try for anyone looking for a cheap but high-quality skincare product that can be used in multiple ways!



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