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Jones Road Face Pencils

I’m interested in the formulation of cosmetic products, but applying and adequately using the products does not come to me like a piece of cake. I usually am the person who stays away from applying anything except a moisturizer to my skin. I do not put makeup of any kind. Like everything in the world, there are a few exceptions where I cannot avoid and have to apply cosmetic products for an outing or an event. When it comes down to these occasions, when I want or have to put on makeup, most of the time due to lack of proper blending or the fear of choosing the wrong shade for concealer, makes me just put on eye and lip colors.

I’m sure a lot of you might also be in the same boat as me. But recently, I came across a solution to all my problems. I came across Jones Road’s The Face Pencil. It is as simple as using a pencil, so accuracy is not a problem, making it perfect for makeup newbies. It also covers redness, discoloration, and dark spots, saving time and effort for using other products on the face. It also helps in lightening the dark circles, but the best thing about it is that even after application, it remains undetectable at all points of application. Often, when I put makeup on, I start feeling more conscious about touching my face or talking to others, but this pencil keeps my face clean and does not result in breakage or makeup lines. However, it does have a bit chalky undertone, which makes choosing the perfect shade very important. 

After following the instructions step by step and applying them appropriately, I covered the nose’s redness and then mouth corners. After I went in to cover my under-eye circles, it blended easily with my fingertips.  I realized that if we pair it up with a moisturizer or sunscreen, it works better regarding the coverage of the product. The pencil’s ingredients are Shea butter and Castor Oil, which makes it smooth and gives a little oily to some extent. The use of minimum and rich active ingredients in Vitamin A and E helps provide antioxidant properties and stearic acids to the skin. It also helps in reducing fine lines and gives a glow to the skin.

Along with using safe ingredients, they also try and avoid using harmful ingredients which may trigger allergies. According to various makeup artist reviews, the pencil from Jones Road works well on sensitive skin. It has been a great purchase which I would recommend for everyone. 



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