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Keep These Vitamins on D,E,C

With the cold weather approaching, it is crucial to keep up with our self-care. There are various ways to take care of yourself but, are you taking your vitamins? Below are some vitamins that I’ve been taking that have genuinely made a difference for me! If you’re not a fan of taking the actual pills, some of these vitamins are found in food! Regardless, keep these vitamins on deck.


Vitamin D

It was almost impossible to not bring up vitamin D since it is such an important one. I found out I was extremely deficient which is quite ironic since I live in sunny California. I got prescribed a high dose and I noticed such a drastic difference. My hair was no longer falling out as much as it would before, I didn’t find myself feeling fatigued anymore, and it seemed to do wonders for my mental health. I wasn’t feeling as down as I usually did during the autumn time. Go out and buy yourself some, start with a low dose of it. Mushrooms are known to have a sufficient amount of Vitamin D, as well as Salmon if you’re a fan! 


Vitamin E

If your skin is more on the oily side, Vitamin E might not be the best vitamin to stock up on. This vitamin is ideal for those who have dry skin during the cold weather. Your body already produces vitamin E through the sebum on your skin, but people with dry skin lack this. Since I get extremely dry skin once it gets cold out, my solution has always been to buy vitamin E gel capsules and pop them. I apply the gel to my dry patches and go to bed. Another way to get this vitamin is through sunflower seeds, almonds, and even pistachios! 


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is more important now than ever with the ongoing pandemic. It helps boost your immune system and it’s a great way to enhance the benefits of wearing sunscreen since Vitamin C is known to help with decreasing cell damage. My favorite way of getting my Vitamin C is by taking chewable tablets since they taste like candy but there’s also other forms such as Emergen-C, Airborne, and even liquid drops! Citrus fruits also contain plenty of Vitamin C and you can start by adding a cup of orange juice to your morning routine. Broccoli and potatoes are surprisingly a good way to get in your vitamin c as well!


Do you have any other vitamin suggestions to keep on deck for the cold that is approaching? 


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