Lush Face Masks: Are They Worth It?

April 3rd, 2022


Lush Face Masks: Are They Worth It?


I just finished midterms, but finals are slowly creeping up on me, and I need a break. I’ve been so stressed out that my skin is starting to pay the price for it. Back when I was in high school, I was obsessed with Lush’s face masks. I swore they made a notable difference, which is why I might have gone back a couple of weeks ago to try them again. I ended up purchasing the three I used to use religiously years ago, and here are my updated thoughts on them. 


  1. Mask of Magnaminty

When we didn’t have TikTok to influence our purchases, we had YouTube hauls. I always saw the popular YouTubers using this face mask and swearing by it. I loved this face mask back then because it helped with the inflammation I had from pesky acne. I’ve always been a fan of mint, so the minty feeling it left was why I absolutely loved it. Now that I tried it once again, I still love it. It made my skin feel super fresh and clean since it has tiny gentle exfoliants. You have to store this mask in the fridge to really have it soothe your skin. 


  1. Don’t Look at Me

I remember buying this face mask years ago and swearing it smelt like Froot Loops. This time, the Fruit Loops weren’t really there but the same glow it used to give me definitely was. This fun-colored face mask helps with face brightening. I like using it as a mid-week pick-up when I feel my skin is looking a little dull. The lemon juice and the ground white rice really helps in giving you a gentle but effective exfoliation. 


  1. Herbalism

I had terrible acne back then, and I truly think this face mask was one of the first steps I took in trying to balance my skin out. I don’t use this mask all over my face, I find it works better when I use it as a spot treatment. Some of the areas of my skin are super dry and actually got worse when I applied it all over. This mask really dries up any excess oil, while having the chamomile in it calms your skin.


Overall, I was still impressed with their face masks and might have to start purchasing them again. I stopped purchasing them years ago because it slowly started becoming fun to apply the mask so I’d run out quickly. I’m back to my hobby of applying face masks for fun.


Do you have any face mask recommendations? Let us know!


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