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Quarantine Beauty Boredom Buster: At-Home Haircuts

Valeria Garnica

April 17, 2020

This quarantine has been… interesting. Whether with too little to do or too much to deal with, we could all use a fun activity as a little escape, and this is what I hope to bring to you all today. 

Last week, as I was all cozied up in my living room watching a movie, I heard my sister run down the stairs. “Val! Look at me,” she says with a big smile on her face. I look, I look again, and right before asking her what to look for, I see it. “No way, Miranda. You cut your hair!” She nodded excitedly. My sister had chopped her long black hair off and self-styled it to a medium-length cut, like a boss at home.

“How did you do that?” I asked. It genuinely looked good, like good-good. “YouTube!” She exclaimed laughing. Yes, you guys, youtube. 

My sister Miranda explained to me that as the quarantine days passed her, she began to worry about her hair length. “The longer it gets, the more tangled it gets. It’s painful,” she shared with me. Miranda worried that the longer the quarantine would go, the longer her hair would get and the more uncomfortable it would be for her to deal with.

These are the little things we often don’t think about in serious, global pandemic-like, situations. But I mean hey, Miranda found a pretty cool solution to her problem, so why not discuss it? 

After watching Miranda’s at-home transformation, I couldn’t help but go on YouTube myself. And y’all, there is channel after channel, video after video on the topic. Apparently, cutting your own hair in the comfort of your own home is the way to go! 

People have the capacity to be so fun and creative. I couldn’t stop watching all the cool techniques that these YouTubers had to offer. There are videos for all hairstyles. Long and short, thick and thin, curly or straight. I recommend that you all find a series of videos that pertain to your hair type, look through them all, read the reviews, and pick your favourite before trying it out on yourself. This is what my sister did, and this is what I will do too! I can’t wait to update you all on my new look. 

I think that this is not only a cool way to maintain your hair healthy, manageable, tangle-free, and split-end free, but it’s also a great little challenge to take on and a solid way to amuse yourself in your down time.

We’re all fully capable of doing it, so why not try! This activity really is a mini escape, as it requires you to focus on one task at a time. It’s a nice hour of your day where your quarantine responsibilities and social media can take a back seat, and you can enjoy some quality time with yourself. If you’re quarantined with others, I also recommend having them join you and help you out with the project. It makes for some awesome bonding time. 

I hope that you all are doing well, keeping safe, and that this blog gave you a fun idea to try at home — safely and while paying careful attention!




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