Carbon Dioxide Extracts for Essential Oils

Jhanvi Patel 

April 19, 2020

For a chemist, learning extraction is one of the most important crafts in the trade; extraction is the first step of any discovery. It needs to be proper and perfect. The earth’s atmosphere has 412 ppm of carbon dioxide (CO2) and rising. Carbon dioxide is very stable, inert, and nontoxic, which is one of the major reasons which lead to boom of essential oil extraction from this compound. Yes, you read it right! Carbon dioxide extracts possess an advantage over essential oils because none of the constituents risk damage due to heat engendered by the steam distillation of essential oils.  

The technology to extract carbon dioxide from botanical species has been used for around a decade now. It involves both high pressures and low temperatures in an energy-efficient process which is environmentally friendly because the carbon dioxide source is a by-product of fermentation and rather than the combustion of fossil fuels. This method is superior to cold-press techniques, as it is carried out at low temperature, meaning that the oils’ nutrients that are derived from this process are as close to the original fruit as possible. Even the scent of the oil is quite rich and very close to the actual fruit itself. 

These innovations are all a part of the biggest consideration factor of all — sustainability.



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