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Top Ten Beauty Trends of 2020

auruAlthough there was an ongoing quarantine for most of this past year, beauty has thrived like never before. Members of the beauty community have turned to apps like TikTok and Instagram during these lonely, indoor times to create, experiment, and enjoy everything that beauty has to offer. From the Two Front Blonde Streaks with Brown Hair look inspired by Kylie Jenner to blush on the nose, the year 2020 has been filled with all kinds of crazy, fun, and innovative trends. Now, let’s hop on our time machine and take a look at the top 10 beauty trends of 2020:

Eyeshadow To The Browbone

Photo Courtesy of @LaurenGiraldo 

Starting in January, we were introduced to a makeup trend that is here to stay: eyeshadow to the brow bone. This application method of eyeshadow opens up the eyes and gives a dramatic, although subtle look. This trend may have boomed at the beginning of 2020, but it’s hard to see an end to it, as this look is sleek, powerful, and truly timeless. 

Two Front Blonde Streaks with Brown Hair

Photo Courtesy of @KylieJenner

This next one was a quarantine favorite. One day Kylie began posting photos of her new highlighted hair, and the next day, everyone was out at the salon getting the same two blonde streaks on their brown hair. This trend was a short one, but it was one to remember.

Slicked Back Low Bun

Photo Courtesy of @HaileyBieber

This lazy but chic look came to rescue me on too many occasions this year. The simplistic slicked-back low bun is perfect for any outfit, any outing, any day. The effortless hairstyle requires you to brush out your hair into a low bun and secure any flyaways with a little bit of mousse, gel, or oil. Dirty hair or edgy chic? No one will ever know. 

Magnetic Lashes

Photo Courtesy of @MoxieLash

This next trend is a life savior, so thank goodness it came into our lives! Magnetic lashes have been all the rave this year, as the time-saving technology allows for fun, full, and fierce makeup looks without having to sit through the struggle of traditional lash application. Magnetic lashes are inexpensive and, hopefully, here to stay!

Blush on the Nose

Photo Courtesy of @AraceliSegurav

Blush on the nose, wow. Man, do I love this trend. This little hack of adding blush to the nose will take your makeup to the next level. The softness of the blush connecting both sides of your face will not only make for a youthful look, but it’ll also emphasize the cheekbone area and the lips. When adding blush to your cheeks, make sure to splash a tad on the tip of the nose, and you’re guaranteed to feel extra cute for the rest of the day. 

Glued Bushy Eyebrows

Photo Courtesy of @GiselleSotoBrows

This next makeup trend, we owe to our legendary drag queens. The glued brows look is perfect for framing the face and one that we were excited to see flourish in the popular culture beauty community. This innovative makeup trend expresses character and volume while remaining clean on the face. Make sure to use a washable glue stick that dries clear and a glue stick that is safe to use on skin. Now pull out that spoolie, and go crazy! 

Highlight On the Cupid’s Bow

Photo Courtesy of @DelaneyChilds

Many began adding a little extra highlight to the top of the lip after lining and glossing the lips, right where the cupid’s bow sits. This small trick made the highlight on the cupid’s bow a genuine 2020 favorite. This trend is a straightforward hack that can change the face’s shape, as it adds dimension and structure to the space between the nose and the lips. With a small brush, paint on the highlighter to the top of the lip, and you’re set to have an extra bright day!

Eyeliner on the Inner Corner

Photo Courtesy of @AliciaPettitt

Eyeliner on the inner corner is a relatively new trend and one that I’m still perfecting, but I’m still obsessed with it. The subtle thin line that runs from the eye’s wing into the inner corner incredibly lengthening the eye. The cat-eye liner trend is one of the longest ones in the history of makeup, but this new addition to the hack really makes for the perfect illusion of the eye being pulled back, lifting the face as a whole. It’s incredible how the thin line changes the whole shape of the face. I can’t wait to watch as this trend delves into the new year, as it’s genuinely one of the most effective makeup hacks I’ve ever seen. 

Hair Clip Trend

Photo Courtesy of @Emitaz 

Man, do I feel like we’re back in the early 2000s. I remember my mom rocking this look when I was a little girl, and I’m so glad that it’s returned. This basic hair clip look is a perfect way to accessorize any look while adding a little class. Pick up any hair clip at your local drug store to channel your chic-est self. 

High Pony Tied with Hair Wrapped Around Itself

Photo Courtesy of @JamiAlix

This next trend is somewhere between the 1960s and Ariana Grande–we love it. This high pony is created around side-parted hair. It also leaves one strand of hair out of the pony for a flirty touch. The ponytail itself sits at the top of the head, and to add volume, a thin lock of hair wraps around the elastic band that secures it. With this trend around, any look will be elevated.

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