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The Three Makeup Hacks that Will Have You Turning Heads

Have you ever worn the same makeup look for so long that it begins to feel like you’re not even wearing makeup anymore? It’s almost like you’ve become desensitized to your makeup and to the way you apply your makeup. I’ve definitely been there, and after a little trial and error, I finally cracked the code. It’s not about changing up your whole look. It’s merely about adding a little bit of dimension to your makeup routine that will have you turning heads like never before. 

Contour Your Lips 

It sounds silly to say because contouring is so often associated with the face structure, but contouring your lips will take your make up to the next level. 

Begin by lining your lips. Overlining can be great, but not if the entirety of your lips is overlined. Therefore, make sure to slightly over line just the very top of your cupid’s bow and the very bottom of your lips. Have the rest of the lip and lined according to the natural borders of the mouth. It’s crucial to keep this balance in mind to ensure the illusion of a natural but enhanced lip. Then use a lighter shade of the same color used for the liner to fill in the lips. Finally, add a little gloss, and if you’re willing to go the extra step, a little highlighter too in the center of your bottom lip for more dimension. 

Add Lashes

This one’s a given but shouldn’t be forgotten. Even for the most simple looks, you can never go wrong with false lashes. Lashes not only give the impression of a larger eye, but they also emphasize the rest of your eye makeup by bringing attention to the area. 

Grab any pair of lashes and place them on your lash line to measure the desired length. I personally like to cut my lashes in half. Then, I add DUO lash glue both to the lashes and to my eye’s lash line. Once I see that the glue has turned from a blue color to transparent, I place them gently on my opened eye and allow them to dry. 

Wet Your brushes

Yes, you read that right. Wet your brushes and watch as your world changes before your eyes. To enhance the pigment in your eyeshadow, take your flat brush and rush it lightly underwater. Then use that same brush to pick up the eyeshadow color and place it on your lid. The water will make for an incredible “glue” for your eyeshadow, making sure that the product sticks firmly on your eye, creating incredible vibrance on your lid. 

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