Beauty Is Ours to Enjoy

This weekend I finally got my boyfriend to do face masks with me. Then I begged to wash, exfoliate, and moisturize his skin after he’d peeled off the charcoal mask. Once it was all over, he and his stubborn looking face finally gave me a little smile. I could tell he had enjoyed it.  

He works so hard, and I’ve meant to pamper him for so long. It’s also just enjoyable to set a night aside for a little at-home spa. But for some reason, it took forever to convince him. However, it’s not just him. It’s also my dad, most of my guy friends, and my cousins. They never set time aside for a little self-care. I mean, who decided that skincare was gendered? 

I know this blog is a little different from the usual, but I think it’s important to reflect every once in a while on the beauty world practices that we love so dearly. 

Aurum is an organization founded on the basis of inclusion. We pride ourselves on our community’s diversity and in the progressivism that we as an organization uphold. That is why I thought it would be nice to take today as a reminder of such principles. 

It goes without saying, but sometimes we forget that skincare is for the skin. It is not gendered. It’s not for men nor women; it is for humans and human skin. 

The same applies to makeup. Makeup is art; it is a gift to our essence and a form of expression. Makeup is a joy and a skill that helps us learn about ourselves, grow ourselves, and pride ourselves. Makeup welcomes all. 

Nails, lashes, you name it! It’s for you. Yes, you. You who’s scared to “add to cart” because the product is deemed too out of your comfort zone. Or you who fears what others will think. 

I encourage you to feel proud of your likes and interests. Feel proud of your curiosities in this life because they make you who you are.

Also, take the time to pass on this message to your loved ones. Please take a moment each day to assure them that they’re important, their wonders and necessities as well. Applaud them in the journey of self-discovery we take each day. Most importantly, spread the word that beauty, in all its forms, is there for us to enjoy. 

Beauty is simply ours to enjoy.

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