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Three Last-Minute Beauty Hacks

Three Last-Minute Beauty Hacks

Do you ever find yourself in a sticky situation where your makeup bag isn’t complete? Whether on vacation, at a friend’s house, out of product before you can replace it, or even in a hurry… and you can’t seem to find your eyebrow gel as you’re racing around trying to get ready for class? What about lipgloss? Or a powder brush? 

Babe, we got you. We know these sticky situations can be frustrating (or if you have an important event, panic-inducing), but not to worry! Aurum is here to save the day. 

This week, we’re suggesting alternative products to use when you don’t have access to three core makeup staples — eyebrow gel, lipgloss, or a powder brush. 

Disaster Scenario #1: They say the eyebrows give the structure to the face, but say you don’t have gel to keep those brows in place and on fleek. Well, look no further than hairspray! Yes, hairspray. It may sound a little intimidating at first, but it’s much more simple than it seems. First, take a spooly or a toothbrush (that you’re not using), then, lightly wet the bristles of the brush with water. Shake the brush gently to rinse off any excess water, and spray it with hairspray. Once the hairspray has been applied to the spooly or the toothbrush, comb your eyebrows as you normally would. And that’s it, you’re all set!

Disaster Scenario #2: What if your lipgloss is nowhere to be found? Here’s a little tip: apply any lip balm, vaseline, or lipstick to your lips. Then, take any shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter and with a finger, lightly tap it on the middle of your bottom lip and on the center of your cupid’s bow. The shimmer will create the illusion of glossiness and fullness for your lips. Problem solved! And now you can truly feel like the baddie that you are. 

Disaster Scenario #3: Your powder brush has vanished, and you’re a shine queen! If you ever need a powder brush (for foundation powder, blush, highlight, etc), use tissue paper or toilet paper! Take a single square of either paper and fold it over once. Then, dab the paper into whatever powder you are using. Once the product is evidently on the paper, tap the paper lightly and evenly onto your face. It works like a charm! Crazy right? I figured this one out when on vacation without a brush to set my face after applying foundation. 

Improvisation goes a long way! I hope you enjoyed these three simple tricks to get you through in a pinch!



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