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Uncommon Beauty Hacks for College Students

College students face a lot of challenges when it comes to doing their makeup and looking their best. Whether it be getting to an 8 am class on time with only two hours of sleep, staying up for countless days and nights studying for the next midterm, or even attending a club meeting. The thing is, we’re always in a rush to do something. With so much to do, but so little time, the last thing we need to worry about is how our makeup and hair looks. 

Here are some clever tips and tricks that will make getting ready infinitely easier for every college student!

Hack #1: Do your makeup in the daylight.

I can’t stress this enough — do your makeup when it is nice and bright outside, even in front of a window if you need to! Don’t be afraid to get a little daring when it comes to finding the best possible light, because as we all know, great lighting is essential to how our makeup turns out in the end.

Since most dorms tend only to offer horrendous lighting, it might not be the best idea to do your makeup when it is dark outside (when avoidable). Off-lighting can not only affect how we do our makeup, but also how it looks when we step outside into the world. How your makeup appears under crappy indoor lighting can be completely different from how it looks when you take a step outside, so make sure you take advantage of natural lighting when you can!

If you can’t do your makeup in the sun, try finding a well lit makeup mirror that will still improve the application situation! 

Hack #2: Do your makeup after your first class.

If you’re like me, you’re someone who values their sleep and has the tendency to wake up only only 10 minutes before your first morning class. With so little time to get ready — not to mention the fact that you tend to feel extremely tired and sluggish in the morning — it is hard to achieve that perfect makeup look you want to have for the day.

A makeup tip that I find to be extremely helpful is to do your makeup after your first morning class. Unless you have someone you really want to impress (which, let’s face it, does happen even in the wee hours of 9 am), you shouldn’t have to stress about waking up extra early just to have enough time to get ready for class. Those extra 30 minutes of sleep are important. No more stressing, and no more worrying about waking up late. By doing your makeup later in the day, you not only feel more rejuvenated and awake, but also, you’ll find that you’ll have more time to obtain that gorgeous look you want!

Hack #3: Straighten your hair before you sleep. 

If you have curly, mangly, and unmanageable natural hair, this hack was made for you. Before you go to bed each night, try to set aside some time to straighten your hair. That way, you won’t have to stress about doing your hair the next day. You’ll wake up with it glossy and smooth! Curly, thicker hair tends to retain heat extremely well, so even if you sleep on your straightened hair, it won’t do much damage to the style. If it’s a little imperfect, you can run a flat iron over it for 20 seconds of touch up before you bee-bop your way out to change the world. 

I hope you all enjoy these tips!



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