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Take Care of Your Hair!

It wasn’t until a few days ago that I noticed that we don’t talk much about hair care yet it is equally important. Taking care of your hair is such a key thing to do if you live for luscious locks. I’ve slowly been finding the products that help my dry, yet oily hair look its best, even after dying it. Here are some of my recommendations that friends of mine have loved and I hope you will too!


Hair Masks

Not only do we need masks on our faces with this ongoing pandemic, but your hair needs one once in a while too! If you’re like me and your hair feels damaged and dry, Garnier’s Damage Repairing Hair Mask will be your best friend. If you’re not fond of its papaya smell, their coconut one has done wonders for me as well. I like that the product is very versatile since it can be used as a mask, as a leave-in treatment, or even just as a conditioner after shampooing. I recently ran out and my hair is paying the price.


Hair Oil

I was introduced to hair oil the first time I got my hair professionally done. My hairdresser emphasized that good hair oil is key when it comes to having silky hair. It’s great to add a little before blow-drying or after towel-drying. My favorite is OUAI’s Hair Oil. I love it because it doesn’t feel too heavy in comparison to others that I’ve tried. If you happen to have thin hair, I think you’d enjoy it for that reason. A couple of drops goes a long way making it worth the price. 


Vitamin B

Hair loss is common year-round but it hits the hardest during the winter. Hair loss could be happening due to the change in weather. If the air outside feels dry, that could affect the moisture in your scalps which then leads to hair loss. What I started taking during early September when I noticed my hair thinning was biotin. I’ve seen a bit of a difference now that I’ve taken it with Vitamin D since that also shows some hair growth results for those who are deficient. My grandmother was the one who gave me this amazing tip!


What hair products/vitamins can’t you live without? Let us know!


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