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Innovation in the Beauty Industry

November 6, 2022

Something I’d like to talk about this week is innovation in the beauty industry. I feel that the intersection between the tech industry and the beauty industry is not talked about enough. We always hear about new beauty brands being launched or what products are trending, but there isn’t as much buzz about innovation. With that said, I compiled a list of some up-and-coming technologies that just may change the industry.


Mink Beauty

Mink Beauty is a company that has created an on-demand 3D makeup printer. Are you tired of owning so many different makeup palettes? Mink’s printer is a solution to that issue. Rather than owning a bunch of palettes, you can just print whatever color eyeshadow you want to use with Mink. All you have to do is snap a photo, connect to the printer, and print! Your chosen photo gets printed and you can apply pigment from the photograph to your face. Mink’s printer is FDA-approved, but not yet commercially available on a mass scale. I see a lot of potential in this product, and I cannot wait for the opportunity to be able to own my own Mink printer.



Clockwork is combining robotics and beauty to deliver express beauty services. They currently have manicure robots set up in select Target stores in the US. If you happen to live nearby one of these select stores, I’d encourage you to go! It only takes 10-20 minutes and costs $10. For those in the bay area, your first appointment is $8 if you use the code BAYLOVE while booking. I will be keeping up with Clockwork because I’m interested in seeing the next steps they’ll take with their technology. Will they try setting up nail salons that only have robotic nail artists? Will they try inventing robotic makeup artists or hair stylists? Whatever direction they decide to take, I will be very excited to hear about it. 


Bioprinted Skin

Have you ever heard of bioprinting? If not, bioprinting is a form of 3D printing which uses biodegradable materials. Current research in bioprinting focuses on medical applications, however, there is potential for cosmetic application. L’oreal saw this potential application and is currently researching to take advantage of it. L’oreal is trying to bioprint human skin in order to test products. I believe that this is amazing. By bioprinting human skin to test products on, they’ll have more accurate research on how products affect our skin and how safe it is, while also preventing the use of animal testing.


I hope you found it interesting to read about these innovations. The beauty industry has a lot of potential for growth and I can’t wait to watch the industry change over the next couple of years.




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