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The Season of Fragrances

October 31st, 2022

The Season of Fragrances

It’s time to ditch those breezy summer scents and opt for cozy woody smells. This is the season of fragrances, and I don’t just mean the classic pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apple scents you would get a whiff of while walking past cafés. Autumn is the season of the zing of crisp cold air and the falling of coloured leaves that remind me of the scents of woody cabins paired with notes of amber and bergamot. These are distinctive scents often associated with autumn. 

Let’s not forget that fragrances don’t just refer to body perfumes but also products that spice up the aesthetic of your home. These include things like candles or reed diffusers that create a homey and warm atmosphere. 


If you’re on the hunt for either of these products, here are the must-have fall fragrances:

Le Labo Beragamote 22 

This is my personal favourite body fragrance that I use on a daily basis. It combines freshness and sweetness through its delicate floral characteristics, the sweetness of amber and musk, the bitterness of grapefruit, and a hint of vetiver. Perfectly filling for the sweater weather. 


Byredo Gypsy Water

This is a classic and is Byredo’s best-selling fragrance. Autumnal notes of amber, pine needles, and sandalwood receive an energizing hit of citrusy juniper and bergamot. This is another olfactory obsession whose ubiquity is worth ignoring for a dose of feel-good fall freshness and the one I’ve had my eye on through this season.


Jenni Kayne Cedar Glass Candle

This is a candle that sets a cabin feel in the living room or the study. With notes of rose, tobacco leaf, fir needle, and cedarwood, the aromatics fill any room. This is a great addition to other traditional smells like spice and amber as it compliments them. If you’re interested in going for a different approach this fall, this may be the perfect candle for you.


Brooklyn Candle Studio Montana Forest Minimalist Candle

This candle was inspired by the fresh greens that grow in the mountains of Montana. It has notes of blue spruce, pine, cypress, moss, and cedarwood. All of these are reminiscent of a place deep in nature and give off the vibe of being “in the middle of nowhere” but still enjoyable. Some say it even “smells like the mountains after a rain shower. Clean, crisp scent with the perfect amount of pine.” If you’re someone that runs into the woods instead of PSL, this might be the one for you. 


The White Company Fireside Diffuser

This reed diffuser may be a safer alternative if you want to keep a scent “on” as they are flame free and don’t require any heat which is great for over-the-night scents. They have a woody and warm character with notes of smoked woods, fresh birch, amber, and creamy vanilla. Hence, the name fireside as they compliment the fireplace vibe. 


Fragrances are definitely on the higher end of things. If you ever feel like splurging, keep these products in mind as they are worth the buy. Let us know your favourite fragrances in general as well as one for the fall by commenting below! 




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