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Get a Glimpse Inside the Industry: Ariel Oz

Ever wonder who or what is behind the scenes of your favorite brands? There are numerous components to the brands belonging to the beauty industry. Some are CEOs or in graphic design, some in marketing, product development, finance, PR, and so much more! With continuous growth happening in the industry, the opportunities are endless. Let’s get a glimpse of the PR component in the beauty industry with Ariel Oz!

I reached out to Ariel after seeing her video on TikTok talking about her journey to the job she had when working on the Global Communications Team for Laura Mercier! She no longer is with them but is now starting her own freelance consulting business for influencer marketing. How exciting! 

Some Background

Ariel is twenty-eight and currently lives in New York City! She attended the University of Michigan, where she double majored in Art History and Communications. Ariel was involved in clubs during her time in school to expand her resume and overall gain experience. This is something crucial! She was determined to work in the fashion or beauty industry, so she tried getting as much experience with it, with one of those experiences being a Victoria’s Secret Ambassador and working retail during her time as an undergraduate. 

Connections are Key

If it wasn’t stressed before, here it is again, connections are super important! Ariel mentioned that she got her first fashion internship with a friend’s sister, who was working in a PR department for a small fashion designer. The following year, Ariel reached out to her again and found out she was now working for Hermès. She then received another internship with her but now at Hermès, how awesome! After, she connected with someone else and got the opportunity to work with them for fashion week. She produced twenty shows with her during the fashion week season! After a few years of gathering immense experience in the fashion/beauty industry, she got to her latest Laura Mercier position!

PR Itself

Public Relations, known as PR, is a position where one manages communications between a business and its public. Ariel mentions that her days are not all the same. Her role always changes and is relatively fast-paced. Some days, it’s phone calls and emails. Others involve planning events and making influencer contracts for paid campaigns. She also works with the digital and social teams. In essence, it’s lots of multitasking!

A Few Tips

We’re all not too far away from looking for internships/jobs. Here are some of Ariel’s tips! Whether it’s for the beauty industry or not, these are super helpful.

  1. Look up past job descriptions of a position you’re interested in and see if you need a specific major. You might find LinkedIn and Indeed useful for this!
  2. Get involved in clubs! 
  3. Find connections, tell your friends of your interests. As Ariel mentioned, you never know who they may know! Relationships are key.
  4. Perfect your resume, have it looked over by others if possible.
  5. Always put your best effort into any roles, even if they’re short-term! You never know where it’ll lead you.

A huge thank you to Ariel for having time to speak with me! Follow her on her Instagram and TikTok @arieloznyc! Stay tuned for more inside looks at some of the jobs in the beauty industry.

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