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Hip-Hip Hooray for Earth Day: Some Ways You Can Glow-Up Your Beauty Routines to be More Eco-Conscious

Gwyneth Hutchinson

April 26, 2020


Being environmentally friendly isn’t a box we get to check once a year, pat ourselves on the back about, and then continue on like it didn’t happen. There are lots of small changes you can make in your daily beauty routine that will cut down on waste, reduce plastic, and generally create fewer negative consequences for the environment!


1.Stop using face wipes!


Estimates suggest that the U.S. produces over 20 million pounds of single-use wipe waste per day. Don’t contribute to that number, boo! Makeup remover wipes contain toxins that can leak into the oceans and do ecological harm, and they are not biodegradable, meaning that they sit in landfills for decades or longer.


There are plenty of ways to remove your makeup that don’t create such a large impact on the planet. Double cleansing and micellar water are both great options!


2.Stop using single-use cotton pads!


Cotton production is very high in water use (just one kilogram of cotton requires the amount of water a person would drink over the course of three years)! One of the best ways to reduce your effect on the planet is to go cotton-free in your beauty routine. There exist numerous alternatives these days that are cost-effective and eco-friendly: the Makeup Eraser towel that can washed and reused endlessly, washable cotton rounds that don’t need to be thrown out, Jinmee Hydrapuffs that are made from pulp and rayon which makes them biodegradable, and muslin cloths! 


3.Shut off the water!


This is something we all hear from our parents when we’re little, and it doesn’t seem like much, but turning off the water while you’re doing a task is a great way to reduce your water consumption. If you’re brushing your teeth? Off. You’re scrubbing your face? Off. Waiting for a deep conditioner to soak into your hair in the shower? Off. Chances are, you won’t be as bothered as you think and you’re saving literal gallons of water everyday!




Any product packaging that is recyclable (most are) should be put in the correct recycling bin when you’re done with it! No need to add plastic volume to landfills if it can be repurposed. 


5.Check out return programs!


I’m sure most of you are familiar with Back to MAC, which is a program where you can bring back six empties and receive a free, full-sized, MAC lipstick of your choice in return so that the company is able to reduce waste and repurpose primary packaging! Lots of companies have packaging exchange programs like this, so I recommend checking them out for your favorite brands. 


6.Bring your own bags when shopping!


The next time you hit up your neighborhood Ulta or drugstore, bring your own reusable bag along with you. Each time you do, you prevent one more plastic bag from ending up in a landfill, and it will save you money (in California, a bag costs an extra 10 cents) while not creating any inconvenience.


7.Shoot for products that have minimal packaging!


There are lots of small trades we can all afford to make so that the products we use on a daily basis have less of an environmental impact. For example, instead of using up bottles of shampoo, opt for shampoo bars. Look for mascara pans that allow you to repurchase just the product bar. Try out deodorants that come in reusable glass jars (I love the Little Seed Farm lavender deodorant more than life itself) or that allow you to replace the heads. 

In conjunction, all of these small changes ultimately create a big difference for our beloved Mother Earth! 






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