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Skin Care in the Midst of Chaos

With an on-going pandemic, the start of school, and never-ending tasks, it’s easy to forget to cross off things on our personal to-do list. The stress begins to stack up just like those endless amounts of assignments, and it’s crucial to tend to our personal demands, not just the academic ones. Let’s not forget that we’re stuck in front of our computer screens most of the day, which makes a significant impact on our skin! Here are a few tips to bring you and your skin a little bit of sanity during these times.

Wear a Mask Indoors and Out

While it’s essential to wear a mask whenever you’re outside, it’s also crucial to use one indoors to help with pesky mask-acne. Two ingredients for a simple DIY face mask probably already exist in your kitchen: turmeric and honey. Mix a tablespoon of honey and ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder. Leave it on for about ten minutes or a little less, depending on your skin sensitivity. Pick up a book or even meditate in the meantime! Honey is naturally antibacterial, and turmeric helps with the inflammation of the troublesome acne. I swear by this mask and use it once a week; I think it genuinely makes a difference!

Sunscreen, Your Online School Skin Savior

Whether you’re an early bird and your school routine begins early, or you stay up until the sunrise doing work, always, and I mean always, have sunscreen on! The bright screen in front of you gives off blue light, and it’s somewhat similar to UV rays outside from the sunlight, which are damaging for your skin. A solution for this would be to use sunscreen! Try to opt for a mineral-based sunscreen; it gives extra protection against the bright lighting. My current favorite is Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen. It is mineral-based and is ideal for sensitive skin! Another option that’s on the pricier side would be Supergoop!’s Unseen Sunscreen.

This is another mineral-based sunscreen with a gel consistency and is a product for the “Clean at Sephora” category! 

Do you have any sunscreens recommendations or favorite DIY masks? Feel free to let us know!

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  1. damaris says:

    thanks for the great advice!! I also use the honey + turmeric mask and it feels great on my skin 🙂

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