Fall in Love with Fall Fragrances

This past year, I’ve gotten into perfume a lot. When I was younger, I used to walk into my mom’s closet and admire all the perfumes she had in her dresser. I ended up adding to her collection this past Christmas, and while I was at it, I got some for myself! Here are some of my favorites so far that I think would be great for the fall!


Maison Margiela 

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Margiela’s series of scents under the “Replica” collection. My friend is so obsessed with it and at first I didn’t understand, but they’re totally worth the hype. This set available at Sephora is perfect if you wanna explore all of Margiela’s scents! For the fall, my favorites are Jazz Club and By the Fireplace. In my opinion, these scents are pretty strong so a little goes a long way! 



With Coach making a comeback with their handbags this past year, their perfumes deserve equal recognition. Dreams Sunset is one of their best scents in my opinion. It’s a lovely mix of floral and woody scents making it perfect for this fall. The other scents are more on the floral and fresh side, but the woody scent really makes this one a million times better! 



This one isn’t your typical woody fall perfume, but I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it lately! I came across this perfume while looking for a perfume to give to my best friend. This perfume is such a fruity scent with floral notes to it. Wild Poppy is now my new favorite fragrance for the fall. What I also love about this fragrance is that it’s a high quality scent without the typical high quality price, the 1.7oz is only $76! 


What are some of your favorite perfumes, let us know below in the comments? 


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