My Favorite Makeup Tutorials

Every now and then I go back to Youtube and spend countless hours looking for makeup tutorials. With the holidays approaching, I need to find a makeup tutorial that will have me looking the best in my living room. Below are some of my favorite Youtube makeup tutorials that I go back and forth with trying to perfect. 

If you’re going for a more natural look…

Minimalistic makeup has been very popular for quite some time and it is here to stay. It’s been very trendy on TikTok during the beginning of the pandemic. I recently came across Madison Beer’s video on Allure’s Youtube account and I was obsessed with the look. I was obsessed to the point that I went out and bought some of the products she used. I think this is a perfect everyday look because it takes ten minutes, we can all afford factoring in ten minutes into our morning if it means we’ll look this good. Another video that I came across last year was this tutorial for those who have acne-prone skin. My skin has been looking significantly better than when I came across this video but I highly recommend the products she uses. The makeup is very easy to recreate and truly makes a difference!  

If you want a little more…

I barely started getting into the trendy, natural makeup because I am a full glam girl at heart. I think of it as, if I’m going to put the effort in to do my makeup, why don’t I go all out? One of my favorite Youtubers for this task would be iluvsarahii! Her Flawless Complexion for Beginners tutorial is one I recently stumbled upon and will be putting to the test for Thanksgiving! Her content is very entertaining to watch and I highly recommend it! It’s like watching a makeup masterclass for free. Another Youtuber that masters the full-face look is Gemma Lepre. My favorite tutorial of hers for a full face is her Full Beat Nude Soft Glam! Everyone in the comments says the look gives a Kim Kardashian vibe and I totally see it, the makeup looks amazing. The tutorial isn’t too difficult to follow, definitely worth giving it a shot. 


What are some of your favorite makeup tutorials on Youtube? 


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